The 6 Steps to Your Pain Free Solution

Learn About Your Company

A thorough review of the employee benefits you currently offer allows us to work together to analyze your rates, plan design, uncover inefficiencies, and survey employees.

Assess Your Needs

Understanding your situation allows us to highlight the appropriate benefits you currently offer and identify any plan options that have been previously ignored.

Market the Plans & Analyze the Options

Advantage Benefit Solutions organizes the data and shops your benefit plans in the marketplace to negotiate the best rates and contract terms. Once the best option is identified, recommendations are presented and rollout strategy is finalized.


Effectively communicating benefit plan information to all employees is essential to program success. ABS is there throughout every step of the process to ensure a smooth transition. 

Ongoing Services

Once the benefits program is active, the partnership continues. You’ll count on Advantage Benefit Solutions for ongoing updates about industry trends, compliance and regulation training, anticipated rate actions, and any concerns encountered by employees. 

Administrative Services

Advantage Benefit Solutions service begins when our competitor’s service typically ends. Throughout the year, you always have help with integrating multiple plans, managing multiple providers, and compliance.

You were able to take on all of our benefit admin functions (payroll, timekeeping, COBRA, FLEX, HIPAA, new hire additions and terminations), again reducing stress around here and increasing your value significantly.

Michael JeansonneChief Executive Officer

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