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Have you ever called your insurance company customer service line? Did you go to an automated attendant and after selecting several prompts were put on hold for another 10 minutes…only to find out you didn’t even call the correct company? How many toll free numbers are needed to reach customer service for every plan you offer?

With our benefit call center, your employees' calls will be answered by an extension of your human resource department. Your employees will have access to a dedicated service team with expert knowledge about every plan you provide. Their questions about every plan you offer will be answered in only a few minutes. Employee communication is significantly improved by resolving claim disputes, answering plan questions, and providing replacement ID cards or benefit plan descriptions. You will even satisfy all your compliance delivery requirements!

Below average benefit packages supported by good communication practices have a much stronger, positive correlation with employee satisfaction than do above average benefit packages teamed with poor communication.

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An Ernst & Young and Rice University study shows that a talent void is a top five business issue for oil and gas executives.

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