You need assurance the expansive list of government regulation impacting your business is precisely honored.

You need to reduce your current employee benefits costs by using proven methods to break out of the current plan trap.

You need to focus on your business rather than worrying about the cumbersome restrictions and prohibitive costs that are holding you back.

We understand the power of a happy and productive employee.  You’ll receive expertise that simplifies managing your benefit expenses through product knowledge, compliance management and our understanding of our client’s dreams, needs and fears.

The total package of Risk Management, HRIS, payroll, benefit administration, benefit compliance, and employee communications can be sourced to our team of experts; or any single piece can complement your existing internal experts.

Advantages with ABS

Eva, Once again, thanks so much for your help. I would be lost without you. Mark - Eva is using all her superpowers to help me with a claim issue. She's the best!!!

Karen R, Chemtrusion

First I just wanted to let you know that my doctor and Sarah both told me how fortunate we are to have someone like you to be our advocate with health insurance issues. This is the first time that they have seen a company provide this service for their employees. I am blessed that I have Ann-Marie and KoonFuller for help and support. I do not know how I would have managed this situation with the insurance company. Saying I appreciate you is an understatement. I just have no other words to say.

KoonsFuller Family Law

…employees and their dependents feel more connected to your company than ever before with an employee benefits portal…

About two-thirds of workers (63%) who plan to remain with their employer say management does a good job of communicating with people, compared to less than one-third of those planning to leave.

Below average benefit packages supported by good communication practices have a much stronger, positive correlation with employee satisfaction than do above average benefit packages teamed with poor communication.

Case StudyWatson Wyatt

There is no doubt that Cost Plus Provider Reimbursement saves on health costs when compared to traditional PPO negotiated pricing. Empirical data shows that Cost Plus 12% margin saves on average 43% or more, above and beyond traditional PPO discount.


You were able to take on all of our benefit admin functions (payroll, timekeeping, COBRA, FLEX, HIPAA, new hire additions and terminations), again reducing stress around here and increasing your value significantly.

Michael JeansonneChief Executive Officer

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